Why you need visitor experience platform?

This article has been written to give you some insights about the benefits that the use of such platform is not only value-add but soon it will be (if it’s not already) necessity. let’s jump to the rising question.

What is visitor experience platform?

By reading the name, you would naturally expect both benefits of visitor management system and customer experience system and you would be right.

At glandular level, it is technology solution consists of apps that helps businesses managers manages their consumer journey. The platform can offer many features. Basics features includes helping conversion of consumer, facilitate consumer communication with businesses to get the best value while achieving objective of visit, sharing feedback, ending with business intelligence (Reports & Dashboards) availability to measure, learn to optimize and grow.

In the context of Restaurant, platform should be able to help your visiting consumer browse menu, order items, push requests, pay through accepted methods, provide feedback (or even using technology to get feedback like some companies do with AI assisted Cameras). From business perspective you should be able to know your customers (will come to that, later), provide them with best customer experience, get insights about your customer behaviour to enhance your operation, marketing, staffing schedule including the value of your most important asset, your team. Now that we defined a brief about let’s consider your next natural (and smart) question.

 Team member serving a guest using zaer

What kind of businesses this platform applicable to?

Brick-and-mortar businesses. in other words, businesses that offers products and services to its visitors face-to-face rather than online. Sometimes referred to as venue-based businesses. You could include restaurants, cafes, bars, hotels, clubs, list goes on.

Why would you consider it?

Simply put, being an operator of venue or owner of a venue, you would want to get a return of investment made largely on the venue, and no better protection than measuring all aspects of their customer interaction with venue and team. And here few of the benefits:

1. Knowing your customer

Seem simple but often missed, it’s quite important to know your customer. It’s the required step to begin to understand what customer want.

2. Focusing on customer experience

Studies shows that customer experience is the new key brand differentiator overtaking price and product . In any open & free market, competition is high, products can hardly be the only unique offering in terms of price or product quality.

Studies also shows that a 56% of customers stops dealing with businesses due to bad experience . Visitor experience platform can help you with identifying issues based on customer feedback and allow you to improve to capture higher market share.

The practical application of this point is enormous. Can be achieved from interaction with customer is customer preferred language to knowing how they prefer their coffee.

3. Focusing on team

It’s obvious to say that your business value is not provided by you only, it’s usually by a team. Team are the ones who serve your customers, multiple industries experts declare them as the most important assets, that goes double for venue-based businesses. Facilitating their task in receiving insights on how to serve the customer better or at least know what customer want is critical to their success.

For venue-based businesses, the human capital cost is continuous concern for business, evaluating the value of each team member; and one of the key benefits of using such platform is to measure satisfied customers handled by each team member rather than only measuring quantity of bills or how many hours completed.

4. Optimize your operation

If I wanted to summarize all above benefits, I would only pick this. But it’s too wide that include above and aspects of reducing waste; like keeping a team member with eye out on customers, or by consuming needlessly papers to communicate to customer the bill knowing that customer will throw it very shortly. Or by enhancing communication between customer and agent or among team members. Or by reducing costs by performing targeted marketing rather than exploratory to attract your business-specific high-paying customers.

Busy restaurant using zaer


For any brick-and-mortar business to succeed, it needs to have the necessary tools to measure and learn to be able to grow and thrive. Considering that businesses get their revenue from visiting customers; their satisfaction is critical also they are the best source of feedback to improve. Having a visitor experience platform becomes the natural choice...