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We understand that nowadays, you are not expecting services with best product for best price only, but also to be personalized the way you like it. We are here to make this a reality at no cost to you as businesses require these information to thrive.

Join us and lets make this happen.

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World of Experience

Through our mobile app, share a bit about yourself. Always remember, we never share your personal identification data with anyone. Share:

  • A little bit about yourself.
  • What you like, what you avoid.
  • Celebaroty occasions.

Enjoy your time
the way you like it

With your preference set, enjoy an amazing experience crafted according to what you like, as soon as your check your self in, using QR-Code that been made ready for you:

  • Browse offerings in-hand
  • Warm & personalized treatment.
  • Have your 'coffee' as you want it.
zaer mobile app
zaer mobile app

Be cared for

With your personal data and contact information privacy intact, stay connected to attractions, by receiving:

  • Events and offers
  • Health alerts.
  • Feedback with gratitude.


zaer mobile app

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Frequently asked questions

To download the app, register your mobile for notification and will send you the links shortly .

Our platform does not cost the end users anything, we make money by charging the businesses to use our service .

Indeed we never share your personal identification data with any one; without your explicit permission. We do share a useful hint to business about who you are. For example, in case you have added 2nd Dec 1985 as your birthday, upon your visit, we let the business know that you are a Millennial 30-39 years old. .